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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

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I don't think he should apologise if he doesn't mean it. What would the point even be?
Going back to what I said a few pages back, because based on his work I would expect better of him. Doubling down on his intolerance, which is what he's done, runs counter to the ideals espoused and behaviors exhibited by the characters that made his career and his fame.
I don't think he should back down from his position just to be some PR-friendly talking head when the movie is released. It never seems real when celebrities do this and the gay community would just accuse him of lying if he did anyway. When Michael Richards made a public declaration that he wasn't a racist after that whole "nigger"-gate incident, absolutely nobody believed it.

The gay community will vote with their wallets by boycotting Ender's Game, a movie that most of these people would not have seen anyway judging by the general unfamiliarity with Card in many of his hate circles. Myself, I'll definitely be seeing it. Though I have worries it'll be an Abrams-esque disposable action movie instead of the slower film it should be.
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