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Re: Conversation(s) Heard After the Movie [spoilers, maybe]

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Walking out of a mostly full theatre at the end of Star Trek Into Darkness, I didn't hear any conversations whatsoever. Which in it's self is weird. Nobody was discussing the movie we just watched, either for good or for bad. Nor was anyone talking about their plans for the rest of the night. Just a couple hundred people walking out of a movie theatre in relative silence while the Alexander Courage Star Trek theme played.

That was another weird thing. When I saw the last J.J. Trek in 2009 nobody left their seats until after Nimoy's "Space the final frontier..." speech and the Star Trek theme during the closing credits. At the end of Star Trek into Darkness people started walking out right when Pine started his "Space the final frontier..." speech. By the time he got to "...where no man has gone before." nobody was sitting and nearly half the audience was out the doors. I said after, that it was like leaving a hockey game with five minutes left in the third period. I just thought it was interesting the different reactions from audience members in 2009 and 2013.

When I got out of the theatre and when I was almost to the parking lot was the only time I heard anyone say anything about the movie. It was a group of teenagers smoking weed, and one of the girls said "So they can cure death now, with magic blood?" One of the guys then added "And they can beam anywhere in the galaxy." At which point I had walked past them but I heard a girl ask someone "Could they do that in the show?" To which some guy said something like "No... but then again the show was good and had good writers." There was laughter followed by someone saying "Well, the special effects were good..." Then I was out of earshot and nearly at my car.

That was all I had heard anyone say about STD the night I saw it.
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