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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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How many significant men in positions of power have we seen in a film franchise that is only two films long?
Robau, George Kirk, Nero, Pike, the Academy commandant, Sarek, Spock, James Kirk, Admiral Marcus. Which is more than zero.
Plus, Spock's new commanding officer in STiD whose name escapes me, and since we are talking about T'Pau in the context of the comic franchise: High Commissioner Ferris, seven Romulan men sitting on the jury in the Romulan Senate, Robert April, and Commander Kor.

Anything else you want to add Therin?

I agree that they won't likely arbitrarily pronounce her dead in the comics but by the same token, I seriously doubt that they are consciously keeping her in reserve. I don't have access to the computer game.
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