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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Heigh-ho and welcome to another exciting installment of Smallville: Season 11! This week's episode is issue #54, Hollow Part 1 or as I like to think of it, The Tess Mercer Story.

This story is naturally a follow up to Haunted which saw Tess Mercer's consciousness removed from the mind of her brother Lex Luthor and placed into a holographic state within the Watchtower.

It's appropriate enough that the story opens with Tess and Emil Hamilton. Appropriate because Emil is our resident science guy and gadget man and helped put Tess in this state to begin with. Even more appropriate because Tess and Emil had the beginnings of a relationship when Smallville ended so he has a little more invested in Tess' state than just scientific curiosity and humanistic leanings.

The one thing I think we get from the opening scene is that Tess is having some trouble adjusting to her situation. Maybe not on the surface. The woman is an expert at putting on a stiff upper lip but...

The fact that she lied to Emil Hamilton about her dreams is telling. That her dreams focus heavily on her brother Lex is also telling. It is after all his fault her body lies dead and rotting in the ground while the rest of her is composed entirely of light and powered by an Intel processor.

Tess compensates for her inhumanity by immersing herself in work. We get a nice glimpse of Black Canary and Speedy fighting crime in Seattle. Not sure what bearing it will have on the overall arc-if any-but it shows us that stuff is going down all over the globe and not just in Metropolis and Gotham. I suppose it's meant to convey her place of importance in the proto-JLA. Either that or it's a backdoors pilot for a Birds of Prey arc.

In a nice bit of foreshadowing Emil mentions not wanting her to go the way of Hank Henshaw. We can tell from that statement alone that he still has a part to play in Season 11 and it isn't going to be a pretty one.

Tess' part may not end well for her as well.

We come back to Lex Luthor and Otis Berg. Otis is naturally as loyal as a puppy and Lex repays this loyalty by beating him like a dog. Not really. Just verbally and emotionally. The one important thing that happens in this scene is that Lex learns of the alternate Chloe's spaceship, We don't know where they're going to go with that knowledge or what Lex will do with it. But we do know one thing...

Lex Luthor is on the scene and this Crisis will not take place without his involvement!

The only other thing of importance to happen in this scene is a sneak preview into the Olympus storyline. I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen but I do know that according to a Daily Planet headline somebody is going to attack a senator. Diana perhaps or the FotW? Who knows? I am looking forward to that story next week.

We come back to Tess in the Watchtower and get some sort of out of context glimpse into Superman's part of Olympus. Again no idea what happens but Tess seems to have it all in hand so I'll trust her to do her job.

What else happens? Well Tess is keeping a virtual eye on Lex and Otis. Lex comes out of his building but Tess locks Otis inside. Several former employees start bitchslapping the fuck out of Lex while Otis and Tess watch the whole thing. The attack seems to be getting out of hand as the chapter ends and Tess seems visibly distressed and...

That's it. Are there questions that need answering? Yeah. A big ass one. Did Tess set Lex up? She did separate Lex and Otis and the attack started as soon as they were split apart. But if Tess did set Lex up...

Why was she so upset that those guys were killing Lex? Family loyalty? She's always cared more for the Luthor men than they've ever cared for her. Lex is the only family-other than her brother Lucas-that she had left on the Earth. She may have thought she wanted him killed in revenge for her murder but when push came to shove...

Her love may be greater than her hatred. Or...

She may have wanted to have him beaten but not killed. Shit happens though and things are getting out of hand and...

I dunno. Guess I'll find out Friday when Hollow Part II comes out!

See you then!
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