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Re: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen gets pilot order at Fox

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^I think the reason people get more upset about the shows FOX cancels than about the shows every other network cancels is because FOX has created or commissioned so many shows of the sort that attract loyal or cult followings. It's a fact of life that most shows of any category, on any network, get cancelled young. That's just the way television works. It's always a gamble and no show has any guarantee of survival. But genre fans care more about the shows on networks like FOX or Syfy, so their cancellations hit us harder and upset us more, even though they're not actually more common than cancellations on other networks. So we blame the networks for being mean to our favorite shows, when really those shows would never have existed at all if those networks weren't so committed to creating interesting genre shows in the first place. I mean, there's not as much loyalty for things like 666 Park Avenue or Cult or The Cape, so when they die young, it doesn't provoke as much ire.

Anyway, those shows you list are from decades ago. A network is not a continuous living entity. It's a company run by people, and the people who made the decisions to cancel those shows and Firefly have all long since moved on to other jobs. The people running FOX today, and for the past few years, have proven themselves to be far more supportive of genre shows, and far more willing to take risks to keep a show on the air, than their predecessors a decade ago. Really, holding a grudge against the current FOX regime for the way their forerunners handled Firefly or Alien Nation is like blaming President Obama for the decisions of Presidents Bush and Reagan just because they all have the same job. It doesn't make any sense.
Well, Obama blames Bush for everything, so...

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