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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Most companies today release subtitled anime or subtitled anime with their dubbed track. Aside from older anime, ever since DVDs came about I've seen English dubde anime that still retains a subtitled track in Japanese. At that was from the 1990s. Well and I suppose heavily altered anime from an old property (Transformers).

Maybe something changed in the market, but I've not bought a American DVD released anime for five or six years (Galaxy Railways and Full Metal Panic were the last new anime I purchased locally).
well, the ease with witch subtitled anime is freely available on the internet pretty much doomed the North American Anime of DVD market (not judging, just stating what I've seen talked about as to why many of the NA companies and distributors - some Japanese backed; effectively called it quits in the U.S.)

Funimation survives by licensing stuff to the Cartoon Network; and has an Anime channel on some cable providers; but there's really not a lot of Anime on the market per se compared to the late 1990ies - 2005 or so in the U.S. Those that want it know how/where to get it for free, and there's not a lot of more mainstream appeal to support companies trying to bring it direct to DVD/Blu-Ray in the U.S. these days.
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