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Re: OT: Rockets Big...Space Station Pretty...

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A good portion of the tour described in the original post (but by no means all of it, and most notably NOT the opportunity to handle moon rocks) is available to the public, as the "Level 9 Tour," which runs 4-5 hours, with lunch in the JSC employee cafeteria, and costs $89.95, including lunch. Reservations should be booked well in advance, as it is limited to 12 people per tour, and most days only have one group of 12.

I took it, when I visited Houston, on my fall 2012 vacation. It's worth every penny. Hell, being allowed to set foot in the historic Apollo MOCR, and sit at the historic consoles, is worth every penny.
Just out of curiousity, does the Level 9 Tour include actual walk-throughs of the mock-ups, or being on the floor in Building 9 but without walk-throughs? (The basic, basic tour doesn't put you on the floor of Building 9 but rather on a catwalk above it.)

Heck, I didn't even know the Level 9 tour existed!
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