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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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1.>I Never said serialisation was in style just that a part of the aduiance wanted it, and by the mid-ninties it was starting to shift toward serialised shows.
It wasn't common enough, if they'd waited until 2000 then it would be and they'd also have had enough time to hire new writers and work out VOY's conceptual problems (it had some).

If you read a book and in chapter 7, the writer tells you they don't have this and it magically appears in chapter 14, the reader will go, what! where did that come from.
If chapter 14 took places years after chapter 7, then it'd be easier to believe that they found this "something" and then said chapter also explains why they didn't have it in the present via flashback (lost in an attack) then there's your explanation.

No reason given for why they suddenly have one, and no reason given for why they can't built another one.
It's fancy future tech they couldn't easily replicate. They did, once, and then lost it (explained in the episode) and then couldn't make another one because...Hey! It's fancy future tech!

The Borg started to go downhill in TNG esp. around the two-parter "Descent"
And yet everyone blames VOY and never TNG.

If you note I said it was one of VOY better episodes and Robert Picardo was one of the best things about VOY. SO I can praise something but that doesn't preclude me from levelling critisim at something where I think they could have and should have done better.
The point is, folks take the minor petty things and see ONLY that and don't care about any of the good. Because the bad is all that matters.

If they really liked that episode, then they wouldn't care much about the backup thing and just enjoy the episode. Instead they complain and complain and ruin it all.
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