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Re: Superman II (The Donner Cut)

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The exact two things that I miss the most in the Donner Cut. Plus, I'm incredulous that Superman has so little sense of touch that he couldn't even tell whether or not he'd been hit by a bullet. Not to mention those super-senses of his that should have literally been able to see it (not) coming.
Yeah I have no problem with making Lois a stronger and more intelligent character in that movie, but the way they originally went about it just didn't really work or feel plausible at all I don't think.

Even if Lois did know 100% that Clark was Superman (which is debatable considering she apparently never noticed during the first movie-- and don't try to tell me she was "too distracted"), jumping out the window of a high rise office building is still a wacky and idiotic thing to do. Especially for a grown woman and professional reporter.

And the idea of Superman being fooled by blanks in Lois's gun is just ridiculous. His response as Clark should have been to flinch and then say "Ha ha, very funny trying to shoot me with blanks". Which would leave Lois with no proof of anything.

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