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Re: The Official Speculation Thread about John Hurt's "Secret" Doctor.

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I really don't think Hurt's doctor's crime is ending the time war...
Snipping the rest of this, as it's not relevant to what I'm about to say.

What's to say that the Hurt Doctor's "crime" has anything at all to do with the Time War?

Here's what we know. Hurt is the Doctor between McGann and Eccleston. When we last saw McGann as the Doctor the Time War hadn't happened. When we first saw Eccleston as the Doctor the Time War was over. That's all we know definitively at this point in time.

Many are assuming that because Hurt comes between McGann and Eccleston and the Time War also happened between McGann's last appearance and Eccleston's first that it means that Hurt and the Time War are connected. But that assumption assumes facts not in evidence.

For all we know, the Hurt Doctor's "crime" is that he retired and opened up a wand shop in Diagon Alley instead of fighting evil.

The Time War could be a convenient hook for the anniversary story. Or the anniversary story could use an entirely different hook. We simply don't know yet.
This may be true, but Moffat has been dropping hints in Season 7 about the Time War so it seems plausible that it is in relationship to that.

RTD had indicated somewhere that the Time War started in 'Genesis of the Daleks', but what if Hurts' Doctor started the main Time War somehow, and thus caused billions to die. We all know he stopped it (and maybe he had a deeper unknown obligation for stopping it than what is mentioned in the EoT), but could the Doctor be responsible for directly starting it?? Maybe he gave the Daleks something that allowed them to challenge the Time Lords and be a big threat to them in order to save innocent lives, not thinking of what could possibly happen later (Time War).
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