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Re: Greg's Trek Ships and Things

I'm really liking how the Lion class's nacelles shorten in diameter halfway, and how there are what appear to be vents behind the thicker half of the nacelle.

I believe you said that the Renegade herself is not a Starfleet vessel, correct? Does this mean that a Starfleet vessel that uses the same registry number (NCC-1789) could hypothetically exist in the same reality?

Is the the Lion class used by Starfleet? I am thus far assuming as much, given that she comes off to me as a large compact warship.

For the sake of filling in some gaps, I'm thinking that Lion's class ship's registry is somewhere in between the various registries used by later build Constitutions. Thus far, in my mind, the Lion herself has NCC-1785, or some registry number not used by any ship listed that has a visual example. I'm just thinking that it would be nice if there were some background information on the Lion class herself.

Will you be listing any of the Renegade's sister ships?

I'm liking the stocky, well armed look of the Lion class.
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