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Re: Why are Creationists so afraid of Evolution?

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Who are you to judge when you don't accept or understand it yourself?
You don't accept or understand a lot of things (including science, logic, and common sense), yet you judge plenty.

I find it hilarious how in the same post you claim to have the right to judge people you disagree with, and then tell them they have no right to judge your beliefs.

I wonder if you don't see the logical disconnect, or you simply don't care.
Funny, my post was done to point out the disconnect in AP and a lot of other atheists who bring up the judge not quote.
There isn't a disconnect. If a group has a series of rules, there's nothing wrong when an outside party points out that the group ignores those rules.

Canadians have hate speech laws and Americans don't, if some Canadian poster started saying hate speech I can point it out. A referee doesn't have to play football to make decisions. There are countless examples.

Stop trying to shift the blame for your lack of following your savior's teachings. I don't have to follow them, you do and you're failing miserably. You should be thankful there isn't a Hell and only the oblivion of death awaits you.
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