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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

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Also I am not a Republican, so we differ in that respect too. :P
And you assume Jeri's a conservative Republican... why?
I don't know if she is a "conservative Republican" per se nor do I care that much about it.

I added that on just as a kind of joke because it's known to a lot of fans that Kate Mulgrew has stated numerous times that she is a Democrat (and I think she married one? I think her husband is a Democrat.). Jeri Ryan married the Republican and has stated she is Republican, I believe.

Anywho, I love them both and think they were both fantastic on the show. I don't care about their political affiliations! I just mentioned it since it's just another thing added on that could have brought tension between them. Kate marries a Democrat who was in office. Jeri marries a Republican who was also in office.

The only thing I meant earlier was that I relate more to Kate Mulgrew than Jeri Ryan. Although I agree with Teacake that it's unfair to these people for us to judge them when we do not know them personally. That was my bad. Obviously I do not know any of them on a personal level, even though I do hope I get to meet them at a con one day. However, I have to say that if I had the choice to spend a day with either one of them, I would choose Kate.

I don't care about their politics...but I did mean what I said about how of course there would be animosity between them because of a) Jennifer Lien getting canned (though I agree with others that Seven was much more entertaining and engaging than Kes!) and b) Mulgrew most likely felt upstaged or felt threatened by someone who the producers suddenly brought in and kept referring to as the "hot one who would boost ratings". Of course there would be tension. That's a given. Though I hope it wasn't as bad as rumors say it was. I would like to think it's somewhat behind them now.
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