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TOS Enterprise stairs and turbo lift walk arounds

Hi, this new thread is connected to my deck plan thread (partially as a preparation for drafting Decks 8 thru 11) but I thought the issue to be of a more general interest, hopefully.

Both in “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” and TWOK we witnessed that the turbo lifts were not operational below Deck 3 forcing Lokai and Bele and Admiral Kirk to descend counter-clockwise from deck to deck by the apparent use of (unseen) stairs.

Each time Lokai and Bele popped up on a lower deck (i.e. Decks 4 and 5) they came from a spot near the infamous A-frame corridor (next to the transporter room studio set). I think in-universe there are stairs very close to the A-frame but we never saw these.

Other than that the circular main corridor mostly looked like to have two dead ends with turbo lifts blocking passage. While I don’t believe the turbo lifts can be abused as revolving doors there are a couple of set oddities that suggest walk arounds.

Also in “Let That Be…” is a nice example where Lokai (and especially Bele) don’t exit a bulkhead door but seem to be coming out of the “sickbay bedroom” (not the exam room door!).

Although there isn’t really enough space for a turbo lift walk around corridor because of the sickbay bed displacement, here is a shot that reveals an unusual opening at the right side of the corridor wall next to sickbay.

Assuming that the corridors connect in-universe at their opposite ends, the corresponding walk around entry on the other side would look something like this.

Interestingly, this wall opening near the engine room set is not without precedence. We had seen something similar in “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” but it was only an open access to the Season One Jefferies Tube and a dead end – with a turbo lift!

A-frames in the main corridor?

This is an enigmatic subject. Judging by the walking direction of “Mudd’s Women” they ended up in a turbo lift with an A-frame ahead in that part of the Season One studio set close to the engine room where there are usually no A-frames.

Obviously this take was shot near the transporter room and merely mixed with the corridor footage in the editing room to convey an illusion.

However, in “By Any Other Name” we saw the counterpart to this contraption but this time, the A-frame had been physically removed and placed in the main corridor near sickbay. And again, Kirk seems to have used a walk around corridor (I presume this scene takes place on the starboard side of Deck 6 near the gymnasium or theatre).

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s Super-Spock

The only item I’m not yet sure about is how Spock made it down to the Phaser Control Room within a few seconds in “Balance of Terror” (and holding on to his pad, I should add!).

The corridor where he heard Kirk’s firing order cannot be any lower than Deck 8 according to my deck width estimates (unless I were to reduce the radius of the actual main corridor, again).

If Spock would have run to the inner core there could have been some sort of fireman’s pole taking him down to Deck 11.

But since he ran towards the outer edge and because there is no place for such a fireman’s pole to take him down there, it looks like the only remaining explanation is a slide (I’m not kidding!).

If anybody has a better idea, please let’s hear it, I’m open to alternative suggestions.

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