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Re: The Official Speculation Thread about John Hurt's "Secret" Doctor.

I have to agree with this, too. The Doctor owns what he did to end the Time War. It's something that is never very far from his mind.

Amy Pond: So there are other Time Lords, yeah?

The Doctor: No. There were, but there aren't. Just me now. Long story. It was a bad day, bad stuff happened and you know what? I'd love to forget it all, every last minute of it. But I don't.
But what the John Hurt incarnation did is something too horrendous for the subsequent incarnations to accept, or even think of forgiving, no matter how necessary it might have been at the time.
Life is full of disappointments. For instance, I really hoped "Chariots of Fire" would be a remake of "Ben Hur" with flame throwers.
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