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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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TOS was a product of it's time,
Oh, that old excuse gets flung around too much.

by the time VOY rolled around having strong continuity was part of what a portion of the general TV audiance wanted.
Even by the mid 90s, serialization wasn't that much in style.

VOY was an episodic show when it should have been a serialised show, VOY was an episodic show when TV was shifting towards a more serailised approach.
If they'd done what Berman had wanted and waited til after DS9 to do the show, that when the show would've been more serialized because by 2000 serialization was more common, not 1995.

All TV shows have minor falws, no one is arguing that they don't.
Except in VOY's case folks let the petty flaws eclipse anything else and ruin it for everyone who can look past those because those petty flaws are all they care about.

Take for example the premise of VOY, we are told time after time during the run of the show that they have to watch their resources. Yet the ship looks like it had ust left Utopia Planitia shipyards virtucally every week, can seemingly build shuttlecrafts at will etc.. But even if we accept that they build a new back-up module for the EMH inbetween episodes, They never build another one when that one was lost? Why a lack of resources.
The backup module was based on advanced tech from hundreds of years in the future and thus would be harder to duplicate compared to normal stuff from their own time. It's not hard to figure out.

Of course different people have differene tolerance levels for mistakes, continuity errors. And VOY did have some good episodes.
VOY's audience had NO tolerance, that's the difference between them any any other Trek show.

Hell, if "Scorpion" was a TNG episode no one would claim it ruined the Borg but if VOY does it then the story will be nitpicked to death and no one will care about any of the story's good points.
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