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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

Having just watched the finale myself, meh. Enjoyable, but very predictable. Datak wins the election, is betrayed by E-REP and Irisa meets her god.

"Black Jonah" and his own personal goon squad, seriously? The guy is a Nazi caricature and his soldiers are a bunch of gruff tough hardasses with battle scars and eyepatches and all have three day stubble on their faces.

So, things are set up for an epic battle in the season 2 premiere where the people of Defiance will band together to rend off an E-REP invasion. After they've won the status quo will likely be restored, Amanda will be mayor again, Datak will continue on as though these past few weeks never happened. Nolan will be reinstated as Lawkeeper and all will be good again.
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