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Re: What does 'nu' mean?

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Although didn't the "official" designations all start out as fandom ones?
Err, not in the cases of the actual subtitles The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, etc. And I don't think The Original Series and The Animated Series came into wide usage until they were adopted by Paramount. I mean, you'd find references to them being "the original series" and "the animated series" from time to time, but as lower-case descriptions, not upper-case titles.

I've seen that abbreviation suggested, but what's the full term it's shorthand for? As I've said, Memory Alpha calls it "the alternate reality," but that feels too generic. Again, I'm thinking long-term here. As an SF writer, I habitually think about what will happen in the future. Someday there will almost certainly be another alternate reality -- some filmmaker or TV producer will create a third distinct Star Trek continuity, and maybe a fourth, etc. Now that it's been done once, it's paved the way for it to happen again. So "alternate reality" won't work forever.

But heck, maybe I'm the wrong person to address this question. I've been developing my own original SF universe for decades -- the one that includes my first two published stories and my novel Only Superhuman -- and to this day I still haven't come up with a good overall name for it.
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