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Re: What does 'nu' mean?

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You're speaking as if a clear consensus had already emerged for the former
That's not what I meant at all (although reading it back I can see why it would read that way), I only meant that I believe "nuTrek" as a term will not go away any time soon.

I personally don't use it disparagingly, I just use it because it is a very easy way to distinguish it from previous Treks. I personally would have preferred nuTOS as a simpler version, but what are ya gonna do?

And what I'm looking for is not some vernacular for fandom to use. I'm thinking more in terms of a formal designator that can be used in the long term as a permanent descriptor by reference texts, critics, the studio itself, etc.
That was my mistake then, sorry. I misunderstood your point on that one. Although didn't the "official" designations all start out as fandom ones?

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