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Re: Enterprise NCC-01

Federation starships [..] the prefix UFS for Federation military vessels
But there are Federation starships, and then there are Federation Starfleet starships. A prefix with a double S for the latter defends its place here...

So basically what youīre saying is, that it canīt be eXperiment because there have been numerous other experimental designs before but has to be eXploration because ... Starfleet hasnīt done any exploring before??
Exactly, because this is what the show tells us.

Space exploration has been going on since the 1960s and Iīm sure, that the first "true" spaceships as well es the first warp capable ships have also been used mainly for exploration. So the NX would also have been "used up" already if it stood for eXploration!
How so? We're only talking about Starfleet and its registry schemes here - and we can tell Starfleet hasn't done any exploring. Why this would be, we can speculate on. There isn't anything to explore until one invents a ship capable of reaching outside the Vulcan sphere of influence, apparently. But Archer is the first to study strange new worlds, and it shows in his lack of experience and skill, as well as in the nature of the "firsts" he scores.

That was the one and most important goal - not to create the first exploration vessel. There have been plenty of those before.
We have evidence of none - even the Valiant, a mission failure, precedes Starfleet, which wasn't created until some time after Archer's youth.

Timo Saloniemi
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