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Re: What does 'nu' mean?

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I'm betting it will stick. It'd be difficult to beat the ease of adding only two letters, and it's already in use. Any new name would have to be pretty damn catchy to take over now.
Well, first off, it's far from universally used now. Some people use "nuTrek" while others use "Abramsverse" while still others use "JJ Trek" or other labels. You're speaking as if a clear consensus had already emerged for the former, but that doesn't fit with my experience.

And secondly, I agree completely with this:
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I think there's a slightly disparaging quality to it. The way I see nu- is to read it as "this is what the kids call ... now". So nu-metal, this is what the kids call metal now; nu-Trek is what the kids call Trek now. Basically when something has been regurgitated in a way to appeal to "today's audiences" but might leave a bad taste in some of the old guard.
I've always had the impression that it was the label favored by people who wanted to dismiss the Abrams continuity or make it sound ridiculous.

And what I'm looking for is not some vernacular for fandom to use. I'm thinking more in terms of a formal designator that can be used in the long term as a permanent descriptor by reference texts, critics, the studio itself, etc. Although such things can take a long time to emerge. Once TNG came along, people started referring to the original series as "Star Trek Classic" or "Classic Trek," by analogy with Classic Coke vs. New Coke from the '80s. It wasn't until years later that the subtitle The Original Series came into common or formal usage. And it wasn't until the '90s that the '73 series began to be referred to as Star Trek: The Animated Series. Before then I'd always just called it "the animated Star Trek," or when I was younger, "the cartoon Star Trek."

So our current labels like "Abramsverse" and "nuTrek" are the equivalent of the "classic Trek" nickname we used to use for the original show. What I'd like to see is the emergence of something more like the TOS and TAS designators, a more official and formal category label for ease of reference. Something timeless that can still be used 20 or 30 years from now, after the novelty has worn off.
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