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Re: The Ashes 2013

Ah, there you are. I figured this event would call you out of the woodwork.

Australian cricket has been such an utter joke in recent times I'd be astounded if we even manage to win a Test.

We're wasting the new ball (although as I type Pattinson finally gets one somewhere near the stumps and Cook is gone) and while bowling is our "strength" I don't think it's as big a plus as it's being made out to be. Clarke aside, the batting looks incredibly poor.

A bit of a nightmare looms, methinks.

Edit: With all the dramas and upheavals in recent times, I do wish someone somewhere had the backbone to drop Watson. What a useless, overrated and overhyped no-hoper he is. Right down there in the Mitchell Johnson depths of uselessness, IMO.
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