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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

@ JJohnson

I will check out Shane's take on that. But in general, I feel bathrooms should be shared by as many crew members as possible to conserve space. According to the "Hornblower Effect" the captain and the senior officers, however, should have their own bathrooms.

@ publiusr

Unfortunately I'm not aware of these comics. Anything approved by Gene Roddenberry should be accomodated as long as there is no harm / contradiction to what we saw onscreen in TOS. I also feel that the different rooms from TAS have not been properly recorded. I've just finished watching the first TAS season and it's fun to discover these locations aboard the Enterprise.

Here’s the Thread Index I announced so you all can instantly access the various deck plans (and to help Andy and myself to record which areas still require corrections and/or upgrades).

This is not a chronological evolution of the thread, as it started with Engineering Deck 14 up to E-Deck 9 and then jumped to Main Deck 3. Blank areas in these drafts are conjectural and show areas not seen in TOS which are going to be explored at the earliest next convenience.

Primary Hull Cutaway (post # 169)

Will essentially remain the same but Deck 9 will be most definitely reduced in height to allow for more height of Decks 10 and 11. Of course, the assumed length of 1,080 feet (suggested by Phil Broad) is a problem as the over-imposed Bridge studio set would suggest that 974 feet would make a better match.

In general this would reduce all dimensions to 90% (corridor height only 2.5 meters) and be a close call for the port turbo lift on Deck 7 Spock exited in “The Naked Time” (apparently no step or ramp down). Notice: “Briefing Lounge” should be “Conference Lounge” / “Briefing Room 1” because in WNM we saw both as different locations (obviously the original Briefing Lounge from “The Cage” had been converted into a recreation lounge but kept its original name. Lt. Kelso addressed it as “Briefing Lounge”!).

Bridge turboshaft is obsolete. Though probably intended by Matt Jefferies according to the optional turbo lift position on the Season One studio set plans (near the end of the Jefferies Tube corridor), there is no visual evidence in the series that we ever saw that turbo lift or shaft.

Main Decks 3 and 4 (post # 177)

Main Deck 3 is close to final, but still needs to be matched with possible access routes Kirk and Odona took in “The Mark of Gideon” according to the revised Deck 5 plan.
Alternately, I’m tempted to illustrate an option that accommodates Pike’s Cabin and the Briefing Lounge (though at the expense of the accuracy of the Deck 3 corridor seen in “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”).

Main Deck 4 is mostly done. Janice’s cabin 3F 125 “was” Kirk’s cabin at Stardate 1533.6, the corridor at 12 o’clock has to feature a stair she (apparently) took to descend to Deck 5 between “3F” and “3C” there. “Briefing room” next to her cabin has to become the “new” Recreation Room 6(converting the one on Deck 3 into Rec Room 7 sometime before MG).
The depth of RR 6 is not revealed! Towards the bow we have a strange repetition of the same area (Kirk looks that way!), grated ladder has to connect to inner corridor on Deck 5 passed at the beginning of “Journey to Babel”.

Lokai’s and Bele’s obstacle course at 3 o’clock needs to be refined. No turbo lift there, these characters must have gone through some kind of maze adjacent to the “Crewman’s Lounge”. Maybe Pike’s Cabin was the enigmatic “6F” equally present on both officers quarters direction signs? Or it’s the direction of transporter room 6 (forward) that would be located on the port side of Deck 6, according to the direction sign in “Turnabout Intruder” outside of Briefing Room2? Side corridors and stairs definitely need to be aligned with (most) corridors on Deck 5 below.

Main Deck 5 (post # 213)

is close to final. Inner corridor at 12 o’clock needs to be refined to accommodate Season One Medical Ward 4 featured in “The Naked Time”, “Space Seed” and others.
“The Naked Time” circular corridor close to sickbay and the “Space Seed” corridor(next to Khan’s Cabin) shared the same turbolift. The turbo lift was deconstructed and relocated to the door opposite the MW 4 exam door (“Scotty’s office”) prior to “Journey to Babel” (“side turbo shaft”, typical Season Two turbo lift location).

Alternately, the whole turbo lift access at this point was removed and our triumvirate walked (rather than to use the turbo lift at “3F”) for reasons that are unknown to us (turbo lift breakdown of overweight alien ambassadors? Kirk, Spock and McCoy eager to show presence in the overcrowded corridors?).

At 6 o’clock turbo lift used by Spock and Dr. Jones, Lawrence Marvick and Kirk with security detail and the corresponding corridor featured in “Is There In Truth No Beauty?” to be illustrated!

Main Deck 6 (post # 236)

is close to final. Outer corridor (astern) near 6 o’clock turbo lift is Season One corridor featured in the last scene of “Balance of Terror” to be illustrated. Corridor illustration close to the upper level of the Engineering Control Room is not compatible with footage from “The Corbomite Maneuver” as Kirk is obviously passing “Briefing Room 2”(corridor scene from “Court-Martial” may have to be relocated to Deck 8).
Would put medical exam room from “The Corbomite Maneuver” at 10 o’clock where there is currently still a cabin. Possibly Kirk’s turbo lift ride may not really be feasible (because of the early production date?). Would reduce LS & AG section in size, accessible only via ladder from below.

Extension of port side turbo shaft could end/connect to the turbo lift near Transporter Room 6(F) featured in “This Side of Paradise” and “Elaan of Troyius”. Turbo lift car depot at 12 o’clock near Transporter Room 3 (maintenance one deck lower).

Main Deck 7 (post # 280)

is almost final. Service corridors to Computer Core may be reduced to narrower conduits that do separate the medical wards from one another (and allow for more space next to the fifth or sixth bed facing the core).
The visual footage from the TAS episode “Once Upon a Planet” is difficult to rationalize. The basic cel outside the “Computer Bay” is a reuse of the one from the Engineering Core. Apparently there is an air-conditioning type crawlway from the (unseen) console to the right (of the screencap) that leads to a rectangular inner arrangement of the Computer Core / Bay.

Engineering Deck 8 (post # 123)

still has to show the Auxiliary Control Room at the bow. Recreation Room on the port side is apparently the same as in “And The Children Shall Lead” and “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” but cannot be Recreation Room 6 seen in “The Mark of Gideon”. The overscan of a 4:3 tube TV set would have equally cut off the “6” in both episodes. If you prefer it didn’t, then the engineering hull has at least 6 recreation rooms, otherwise it may had just one and there’s a briefing room probably on the starboard side.

The back wall of room appears parallel to the exterior hull as suggested by this shot, the shot with Spock could suggest he’s heading for the Auxiliary Control Room and the doorframe we see is actually a port side access that will lead clockwise to the starboard part of the ACR that’s separated by a grate from the master control table at the center.

The circular corridor towards the bow may be straightened to look more credible “in-universe” and to have a rectangular recreation room on the port and briefing room on the starboard side.

Engineering Deck 9 (post # 122)

“Lazarus’ Corridor” may be straightened towards the bow, too. Since “And The Children Shall Lead” placed a new turbo shaft there on the deck above, I’m inclined to have Kirk, Spock and Scotty make a (straight) run to this turbo lift (taking them to the nearest transporter room) to eject the Nomad probe back into space in “The Changeling”.

I’m still undecided what to make of the TAS footage and dialogue from “The Terratin Incident”. According to the actual dialogue we are looking at the “main warp engine circuits” although it appears that this is rather a dilithium crystal storage than an interior working component of the dilithium crystal converter assembly, because there is apparently no ray shielding or the like (it rather looks like the crystals are on display for the engineers to take readings and to notice possible visual changes). The surrounding room elements -
are equally interesting and I probably have to accommodate these in the bow of Deck 10 (because the room seems to extend to the deck above).

Engineering Deck 10 (post # 113)

The extra two transporter rooms at the bow will have to go (Albertese is going to like that a lot…). Again, the “And The Children Shall Lead” turbo lift on Deck 8 looks more and more like a blessing in disguise.
The wall we saw behind the Engineering Core now appears to have characteristics of a “partition wall” behind which we’d find this turbo lift. However, the essential horseshoe layout of the (bigger) room will stay intact.

The Y-shaped fusion reactor / “battery” corridor (was “energizer corridor) will be turned 180 and become shorter (unless I relocate the scene from “The Ultimate Computer” and engineering circuit bay G-121 and the Jefferies Tube close to the port or starboard nacelle pylon….)

Engineering Deck 11 (post # 109)

“Energizers” are now fusion reactors and/or “batteries”. Bow starboard corridor looks weird.

Engineering Deck 12 (post # 74-75)

EPS power relay corridor has to be removed (is on Deck 10) as well as the Karidians’ cabin (saucer location instead).

Engineering Deck 13 (post # 126)

The Hearing Room (instead of the erroneous “Court Room”) would probably look better parallel to the ship’s exterior, similar to the recreation and briefing room on E-Deck 8. I’m having second thoughts about the layout of the detention section. The existence of a “science library” here (like previously on Deck 7 near the medical labs) strongly suggests the presence of research labs, IMHO.

I think the bow would be an ideal place to accommodate the rectangular sickbay lab, the rectangular bedroom, and the medical supply storage cabinet separating the two, seen in TAS’ “The Survivor”. Same applies for the multipurpose tank from “The Ambergris Element”.
The panel regulators suggest that the tank can be filled with liquids or atmospheres of all kind. I believe this would be a great facility to examine alien life forms from non-M-Class planets (brought by shuttle or transporter beam) which require an artificial atmosphere. The Zoology Lab of the Llife Sciences Department will probably be in the vicinity. The tank could also serve as a detention cell for alien life forms requiring a different atmosphere.

Engineering Deck 14 (post # 71-72)

is essentially final, except – of course – for the blank and unseen areas. In “The Enemy Within” the mission was “specimen-gathering on Alpha 177”. It stands to reason that the accommodation of such specimen is in close proximity, either next to the “vault” or on E-Deck 13 near the Zoology Lab.

Although I located an alternate location for the transporter room from WNM on Main Deck 6, I would still have to wonder where they put the flight recorder of the SS Valiant after they left the room. Seems like a historic object I'd examine and store in the E-Deck 14 vicinity.


P.S. I noticed that in "Is There In Truth No Beauty?" Dr. Jones' cabin starts with "4F". This cabin is closest to Transporter Room 4 on Deck 6, thus it appears that the cabin door signs do start with the indication of the nearest transporter room for evacuation purposes.

Couldn't help but to do some preliminary work on Deck 8. I noticed that Uhura's bathroom ("Elaan of Troyius") would actually have a panoramic window on Deck 8 next to the "Inspection Door Vent Systems Connections". This would really explain why hers was the best cabin available aboard the ship, IMHO.

I'm just wondering what "vent systems" could mean for a starship that travels through the vacuum of space. I presume this is a maintenance hatch once the ship has docked at a larger facility to take in fresh air and oxygen. Environmental Engineering on Deck 6 would be rather close and therefore seems to be at an adjacent and correct location.
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