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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

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I can separate the artist from the art.
Can you really?
Yes. My main deserve to not see the movie is lack of interest.
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But Card is a whiny little bitch, so fuck him and his movie.
I'm not a fan of Card's political opinions either but its the studios movie, its Summit studios, its Lionsgate, its Harrison Ford, its Viola Davis and its not just his movie . There are hundreds maybe thousands involved in its production

The hardline wacky political crap in California is just nuts,
the hardline gay community won't just be boycotting Orson Scott Card,
they will be boycotting Ben Kingsley, KR Clements, Robert Chartoff, Gavin Hood, Viola Davis, Harrison Ford and hundreds of sound engineers, hundreds of visual fx artists, set designers, and no doubt boycotting hundreds of others who stood up for gay rights

I listen to funk and hip-hop artsist, guys who were on coke, assaulted people, were DUI, had illegal firearm possesion, shot at cops, went to jail many times....however I will still listen to their art because art is just that, its not their political opinion or their life. Same with Richard Wagner he lived with fascism all around him during the German Nazi era, however Wagner's music was just music and people can listen to it today without being accused of supporting fascism.

Orson Scott Cards stupid opinion is just that....its just his stupid opinion
and it does not reflect the opinion of the whole studio or the hundreds of others who worked on the movie
I don't care. I have no desire to see the movie, I don't care if my brother starred in it.
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