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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

Orson Scott Card did not say "don't boycott MY film!", its not his film to start with, its the film of Viola Davis, the film of Harrison Ford, the film of the studios....but its not just Cards film. Orson Scott Card would not have said MY film, which is a falsehood. Card is crazy but he's not stupid enough to claim the whole film to be his, these films by their nature are adaptations based on written works.

A boycott is wrong. Orson Scott Card was an idiot, and hardliners in the LGBT community are being very stupid. The LGBT community already caused madness and banning during the whole Silence of the Lambs fiasco, it only helped the movie be even more successful.

I kinda knew something like this was coming after reading Ender and hearing he was Mormon church goer and getting hints of his political opinion. I have read all kinds of silly political opinions in Hollywood with Adam Baldwins or Rosie'Donnells there are so many nutty people there, just because someone says something offensive I'm not going to suddenly start boycotting and burning all those FullMetalJacket and ALeagueofTheirOwn dvds or boycotting all StarTrek bluray dvds because someone in the family said something I don't like.

There are just so many crackpots in Hollywood and I wish they would keep thier mouths shut but they don't. Politics should be in one section, the books, comics, movies entertainment in the other section. Keep them separate or at least Card and others like him should learn to shut their yaps. However the audience should also learn to separate the political opinion of one person and the opinion of the whole studio.
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I've enjoyed both the Ender books and the Alvin books. They are among my favorites. I also like a lot of Heinlein's work, even the ones that wear their politics on their sleeves. More so in my twenties than now. Maturity might be a factor there. Also some of the idea are so farout you can't take them too seriously.
exactly these works are just pieces of art and entertainment

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How is the morality on stealing his movie through torrents?
I don't think there is any

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Nothing stops a boycott quite like giving it more attention in the press
The Silence of the Lambs boycott only promoted the movie more and helped the movie sell even more tickets
Personally I prefer the whole dignified approach to supporting gay rights like say Jodie Fosters activism, rather than the radical aggressive approach you see from some LGBT activists.

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I think you're limiting yourself for no real reason. I can enjoy films from Russian communist filmmakers or even a Nazi director like Leni Reifenstahl. I can listen to Wagner, Burzum, etc.

I worry sometimes modern liberalism makes a virtue of being offended. I assure you that Ender's Game has nothing to do with homosexuality.
Some people are programed today are way too over-sensitive on everything, programed by their radios and tvs to re-act at the slightest thing offensive. Somebody draws a funny cartoon in the middle east and all of a sudden you have mobs of muslims attacking Americans and burning down European embassies. The media spreads rumors of looting after a Hurricane and all of a sudden everyone gets freaked out with their guns ready to shoot anything that moves near their house. Silly Interest groups and their 'thought-police' have a good profit in creating hysteria, it promotes their stupid agenda, helps them generate more publicity.
Boycotting Ender won't do anything, it will do nothing at all for gay rights and Ender has nothing against homosexuality, there might be an argument for it doing something controversial like promoting "child-soldiering" but Ender itself has nothing against gays.
If LGBT community are to politically attack anyone they should fire on Card himself but attacking the movie is a waste of time and stupid.

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I can separate the artist from the art.
Can you really?

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But Card is a whiny little bitch, so fuck him and his movie.
I'm not a fan of Card's political opinions either but its the studios movie, its Summit studios, its Lionsgate, its Harrison Ford, its Viola Davis and its not just his movie . There are hundreds maybe thousands involved in its production

The hardline wacky political crap in California is just nuts,
the hardline gay community won't just be boycotting Orson Scott Card,
they will be boycotting Ben Kingsley, KR Clements, Robert Chartoff, Gavin Hood, Viola Davis, Harrison Ford and hundreds of sound engineers, hundreds of visual fx artists, set designers, and no doubt boycotting hundreds of others who stood up for gay rights

I listen to funk and hip-hop artsist, guys who were on coke, assaulted people, were DUI, had illegal firearm possesion, shot at cops, went to jail many times....however I will still listen to their art because art is just that, its not their political opinion or their life. Same with Richard Wagner he lived with fascism all around him during the German Nazi era, however Wagner's music was just music and people can listen to it today without being accused of supporting fascism.

Orson Scott Cards stupid opinion is just that....its just his stupid opinion
and it does not reflect the opinion of the whole studio or the hundreds of others who worked on the movie

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