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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
You're being just mean enough.

For about 5 minutes I thought he was Lex Luthor buying the white house, but it turned out that Orson was only Cluemaster knocking over a bakery. If you want to hate him for how he thinks, that fine, but don't be afraid of his "power" becuase Mr Card has very very little.
Who said I'm afraid of his "power"? It's a lovely straw man, but, simply put, I don't want even a cent of my money going towards something I don't believe in.

And before certain people get their feathers in a bunch, screaming, "but that probably happens with a lot of things you buy..." Yes, sure, but I don't KNOW... with Card, I do.

I'm not giving him any of my money.
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