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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

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For those who say you should separate yourself from the disagreement with political views, I generally do, but, this is a guy who advocated locking up and quarantining Gay people for the crime of being Gay. Being Gay, that certainly crosses my line of where I will look for Entertainment
This. He is a board member of an organization that ACTIVELY is trying to stop equal rights. That's the line for me.

I generally could care less about the politics of an individual... but when it moves into activism... It's hard not to think that my money eventually trickles down into that organization.

And besides, the language and the things that he has advocated for go well beyond the pale of conservatism. I would like to think that even conservatives wouldn't want him on their team.

While I've read Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, and enjoyed them both, I just can't give anymore money to this bigot.
During the whole homophobes should not be allowed to write Superman comics, I followed a link to that group, and then on their site I followed a link to their tax returns.

They play with less than 3 million dollars a year, and only a third of that is earmarked for actual lobbying.

Again, he's doing bad things, but on an incredibly smaller scale than his detractors are giving him credit for... Although his fame and celebrity are probably a more effective tool than the million dollars on the table, which is probably just wasted on a couple direct mail campaign's that go straight in most everyone's rubbish bins.
So, just because 1 million dollars goes towards legislating bigotry, I shouldn't not buy his stuff? A hate organization "only" has three million dollars a year so I should be nicer?

Is that your point?
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