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Re: Can you ban your likenss from used as hologram?

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It's hard to say for sure, but it doesn't sound like it:

Riker: This is a violation of protocol. Crewmembers should not be simulated in the holodeck.
La Forge: Commander I don't think there's any regulation against...
Riker: Well there ought to be.

LAFORGE: Let me tell you something. You'd get more action out of a good book than you'll ever see on this date, I'll guarantee it. She's not going to waste her time on someone like you.
WESLEY: Someone like me?
LAFORGE: She's way out of your league.
WESLEY: Since when did you become an expert on women?
LAFORGE: Compared to you, every male on this ship is an expert on women.
WESLEY: Well at least I don't have to find my women on the holodeck!

Best Wesley quote, ever.
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