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Re: AMT model kit catalog - 1976

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Such good memories. That and the Estes 1980 catalog--and an early Corgi one on tank destroyers were my favs
Your Estes ref reminded me of how I got the Centuri 69 catalog for model rockets around my 9th birthday ... but then couldn't actually acquire any rockets or engines till around 1974, just before I got into high school. The catalog had completely disintegrated before that time, so I had hole punched every page to get it into a binder so 'when the time came' I'd be able to order that "Laser-X" rocket that hovered in my dreams. (Instead the first one I got was this little nothing -- not sure if it was Estes or Centrui -- called THE VULCAN -- gee, wonder how they settled on THAT name?)

A friend of mine bought the huge Pershing model ... I think it was 41" tall and four inches in diameter and took a 'D' engine. It was the only model rocket I've ever seen that rose SLOWLY, even majestically (sucker was HEAVY!) It only got up to maybe 100 or 120 feet before it wobbled in the air and the chute deployed, but it was so damned impressive.

On the modelmaking end ... does anybody else remember making really appalling kitbashes? I remember one a friend did for one of my first Super-8 flicks, I was horrified when I saw it.

Klingon front end and boom, attached to the cargo module from a 1999 Eagle, with Enterprise struts & nacelles coming (and drooping) off the sides of the cargomod. Even painting it black and setting it on fire didn't make me feel better about it.
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