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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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Now people can still enjoy something yet call them on where they went wrong.
The degree VOY gets it, shows that the audience cares more about what went wrong than what went right even when the wrong is far less than the right. All they see are the flaws and NOTHING else.

Star Trek fans are noted for picking up on continuity errors.
Exactly what I said, all they care about are the flaws.

Surely the aim is to invest you audiance in the show it's characters, setting premise etc... It's not the audiances fault if they pull the producers up for their mistakes esp. when they themselves drew attention to the fact that they could do this/or didn't have this for every episode before hand but now magically they have one.
TOS did this a lot, no one cared. Which shows that VOY gets this harder than any other Trek show.

Whether you like it or not the show VOY was about the journey of the U.S.S. Voyager home. So each episode is like a chapter in a book. A good writer would drop something in an earlier chapter if they planned to use it in a later chapter.
A good audience would be willing to think "Yeah, there were some minor petty things I didn't like there but the overall episode was good enough that it doesn't matter."

Which is exactly the kind of audience VOY DID NOT have. All they got were folks that cared more about the minor petty things than any of the good.

But many shows seem to manage to drop bits in for a later play off. I.e B5, DSN. They had episodes which were self contained but maybe had an element that would have a later pay off.
B5 and DSN had inconsistencies too, it's just that their audiences were more open-minded and merciful instead of being ready to tear into those shows for every minor petty little thing.
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