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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

Awesome Possum, I don't know you, but I've agreed with pretty much everything you've said in this thread.

98% of the time, I have no trouble separating the art from the artist. I may disagree with the politics of Gary Sinise or Kelsey Grammer, but that doesn't stop me from watching their work. I don't care for Dean Cain's politics, either, but I won't give up my Lois & Clark DVDs or skip a Dean Cain Christmas movie on the Hallmark Movie Channel. A friend asked me on Facebook if I was skipping Roman Polanski, but I don't believe that I've seen any of his work, not because he's a rapist but because I haven't been interested. I was indifferent to the Dragon*Con boycott. People are complicated.

What makes Card different, what makes Card part of that 2%, in my opinion, is this.

Having read his work, I expect better of Card.

The first Card work I read was his Foundation story, "The Originist." Then I read the first two Alvin Maker books, then I read the Ender saga as it existed (through Xenocide). Looking back on those works now, they're about outsiders. They're about people who are maligned, marginalized, shunned through no fault of their own because they're not like everyone else. The catharsis and emotional climax in these books (and "The Originist," too) often revolves around the maligned, marginalized, shunned protagonist proving his worth, finding his place, and finding acceptance.

And that's what irritates me about Card's rather virulent hatred for gay rights, because when you read his work, you feel the emotion behind his work, and you expect him to be accepting and tolerant of others and their desire for inclusiveness. Unfortunately, he's anything but on this one issue.

I haven't bought any of Card's work in about fifteen years, but it's actually for reasons of quality and not of politics. In the mid-90s Card had a run of duff books. The Ender saga ended poorly, Treasure Box was terrible, the Homecoming saga was well written but nothing exciting, his return to Alvin Maker was awful. (His last great book, in my opinion, was the Stephen King-esque Lost Boys. The last twenty pages of that book hurt.) I felt like he and I had parted ways anyway when I learned of some of his personal beliefs, which only gave me another reason not to support him.

Like I said, I expect better of Card. His message today was that of a coward who knows he's on the losing side of history, that his side has already lost, and he's trying to save his own skin.

When Card apologizes for actively hurting people in California and across the country as a member of the National Organization of Marriage, when Card apologizes for advocating the violent overthrow of governments that sanction gay marriage, when Card leads the fight to repeal North Carolina's Amendment One -- in other words, when Card actually does something positive to foster tolerance and acceptance rather than meekly asking people to accept that he's an intolerant bigot -- then I might possibly revise my opinion about Card.

But he won't. He's too small a human being to do that.
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