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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

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When the magic sky genie tells you to hate or you'll be tortured underground forever by his deformed son... You hate who he tells you to hate or it's a hot poker in each eye and then...

I feel that Satan is expected and supposed to rape the damned, but really, truly isn't it a little bit of a double standard that Lucifer is not only allowed to be gay but mandated to be a screaming queer? Unless of course that the Devil doesn't want to be an expert sodomist? That the prince of darkness being forced to undergo a series of endless gay activities is his own punishment for that nasty little coup he tried to pull on his dad?

So this is what's going through Orson's head... If I can make the gays feel miserable, maybe even get a couple of them back into the vagina business, then God will love me and I will have a wicked afterlife of eternal reward. It's a pay off for being an asshole. That doesn't seem too bad if god is on the level. You can't tell me that Willy Fucking Wonka has more dimensions than god? Beides, this is the exact same shit he pulled with Job.

Disguising the gate to hell as the easy way out.
Take it easy and keep things squarely focused on the topic of the thread. So far it's been in pretty good shape, considering the sensitivity of the subject. A few folks are veering into more personal territory, but it hasn't become a problem yet.
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