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Re: Star trek final frontier directors cut finished

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Nicholas Meyer hand picked the footage that went into the ABC-TV cut in 1985. I remember reading an article at the time where he commented that he "got to revisit some of the battles he had lost with the studio"
He even picked the alternate turbo-lift Kirk/Saavik version because he thought it played better in the 4x3 format.
Okay, but I was sure I read an old "Starlog" of the day where it was said he was uninvolved.

The article you linked to says his quote was in "Cinefantastique" in 1992.
You guys are talking at cross purposes. Meyer in CFQ was discussing what he did for the ABC cut, which is what decades later was repurposed into the alleged director's cut dvd. Neither the ABC nor DVD are the DC, which hasn't been seen since before TWOK debuted in June 82.
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