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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

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I am not particularly a big fan of Mulgrew, Beltran or Ryan. I draw a line between the actor and the character. I love Voyager's characters, not so much the actors.
Judging from interviews alone, since I have not met them in person (YET!)...

I love Kate Mulgrew. I love her voice, her personality, and her humor. I've seen enough footage and heard enough interviews with her to make some sort of assessment and I just relate most to her. My favorite actor on the show to watch outside of Voyager would be Robert Picardo...however I love Kate. She didn't grow up in Hollywood, had a rather simple life before Voyager, and I think she probably tried pretty damn hard to get where she is.

I like Jeri Ryan and think she was kick ass as Seven, but something about her seems faker to me than Kate. However, I haven't seen as much footage with her, so forgive me if that seems like a premature assessment. Then there's that weird stuff with Jack Ryan about the sex clubs...and dating the show's producer RIGHT after. It's a little bit off-putting of her to expect everyone to just be fine with her dating the show's producer. Then she had to rub it in that she was treated better after? Also I am not a Republican, so we differ in that respect too. :P

Robert Beltran, judging from interviews, obviously doesn't like Star Trek at ALL...and was PISSED as all Hell about how his character was developed. I have to say I appreciate his honesty and candidness about how he feels. You can't say the dude is at all fake...however in most interviews he acts like a douche. He doesn't seem to care what the fans think of it either. I oddly respect this, but at the same time think it's rude. And apparently his favorite episode is "Tattoo" which is one of the worst VOY episodes, Chakotay or not Chakotay...and I love VOY.
Beltran was okay in some of his more "serious interviews" and he seemed genuine. I'm sure he's an okay guy. But, I can never tell whether or not he's joking when he says negative things about his character and Star Trek. Because in other interviews, he acts differently. I would want to meet him just for the experience.

Just my opinion. Has no baring on this issue actually of Jeri/Kate. I just happened to watch some really whack Beltran videos on YouTube just now and wanted to post my feelings.
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