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Re: You think AIDS will be cured and why is HIV/AIDS so high in the US

Will there be a cure? No way. Companies make a ton of money selling you pills to keep you barely alive, with a cure that goes away.

I think the problem in the USA is the health care and educational systems are stuck in the 1800s. health care is a joke, and AIDS and HIV is taught in health class in high school SOMETIMES. We can't teach sexual health to teenaged! That will mean they will go out and try it!!! Idiots.

If we got people health care and pills, the amount of HIV in the blood goes down and that means less chance of spreading it. But American health care system is "don't get sick".

Condoms fail, people are stupid because they don't see it as an issue, because of no education on the subject. Plus drugs and booze and everything stops your body from fighting HIV. The numbers vary from person to person, but if you have sex with an HIV positive person there is only a 1 in 500 chance you will get it. If it's anal sex it's higher because the wall of your ass is thinner than a pussy. But if you are sick to begin with, from drugs or other diseases the 1 in 500 number can increase.

I never really thought about it until I had unprotected sex with someone a few times and he texted me saying he was positive, and we had sex when he just got it, before he could even test positive, which is the most contagious period.

And sharing of needles from druggies and sex with each other really doesn't help either, it's why it's so high in some major cities, like D.C. where over 1% of the population is positive.
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