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Re: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen gets pilot order at Fox

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FOX cancels show after 12 episodes?
Every commercial network cancels plenty of shows, and it's bizarre that FOX has gotten a reputation of somehow being worse in that regard than everyone else. In fact, in the past few years, FOX has become very supportive of shows that are borderline in the ratings, giving them longer runs than the previous FOX regime, or most networks, probably would have. For instance, giving Dollhouse a whole second season when its ratings would've justified cancelling it midway through the first. Or keeping Fringe around long enough that it actually got to complete its story.

Here's a list of shows cancelled in the past year. In that time, FOX cancelled one sitcom, three reality/game shows, and the dramas Touch and The Mob Doctor as well as ending Fringe -- 7 shows in all. In the same span of time, ABC cancelled 15 shows, including most of its new dramas; CBS cancelled 8; NBC cancelled 14; and The CW cancelled 6. (And Syfy, which some accuse of being a showkiller, cancelled only one.) And note that many of the cancelled shows on ABC, NBC, and CBS were pulled after as little as two or three episodes, as was The CW's Cult.

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It might have potential if it were on cable, but I don't really have faith in FOX. They probably won't be able to resist making it "family friendly" or dumbing it way the hell down like the movie did.
After how good Dollhouse, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Fringe were allowed to be, I have more faith in FOX when it comes to genre shows than I'd have in ABC or NBC (and CBS has so rarely done anything genre in the past couple of decades -- Person of Interest aside -- that it's barely worth considering). And as a rule, the odds of an American television series being intelligent and well-written are far better than the odds of an American feature film being intelligent and well-written. Movies are a directors' medium, and the industry is dominated by the craving for blockbusters, so it's easy for style and spectacle to overwhelm substance and intelligence. Television is a writers' medium, and its tighter budgets demand a greater focus on story and character over action and effects. Granted, dumb shows do get made -- Cult, for example -- but the odds of an SF/fantasy premise being handled well are better on TV than in movies, if you ask me.
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