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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

DalekJim wrote: View Post
I did, and I disagreed with it. A bunch of liberals making a huge song and dance about not seeing a movie adaptation of a book they've never bothered to read anyway, isn't a genuine protest. It's just making a virtue of being offended.
I'm more offended by his begging for people to see his movie than his idiotic comments. He has spent his career and likely whole life attacking a minority, now he's crying because there is some blowback. Like a child with a toy gun crying because after an afternoon of shooting at people got hit himself.

I said that I do tolerate what he says and would defend his right to say them. Tolerance isn't seeing a movie because you can't stand the author's views. Tolerance is allowing him to say it despite the fact that they're disgusting because he has a right to. It should be a simple enough concept for anyone.

I don't want to see the movie purely because I have no interest in it. I doesn't appeal to me. If there are good reviews I might check it out, but will most likely wait for Netflix. It actually has little to do with the author.

BillJ wrote: View Post
I guess I'm confused.

Someone is allowed to openly bash gay folks, but I'm the bad guy because I decide not to purchase their product because I disagree...
Well, I think somebody should be allowed to openly bash gay folks, just as you should be allowed to say Orson Card is a douche for bashing gays.
You certainly seem to get upset at the idea though.
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