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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

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But comparing either the boycott or what people have said in this thread with government censorship is an even bigger inaccuracy then being mistaken about the content of the novel. You can't correct inaccuracy by piling on some more.
If you're referring to my reference about Bradbury, he stated that F451 is NOT about government censorship. Rather it is about the dangers of what later became political correctness. In the novel, the people demanded that books be censored because they were offended by racial slurs or content that offended people.

His point is that in a free society we need to accept that other people are free to have opinions and arguments that we disagree with.

By all means, we should voice our opinions against those of somebody like Card's in healthy, rationale debate -- but we should not try to censor him from having those opinions, as offensive as they are to most of us.

This is not being "tolerant" of bigots, but it is defending their right to BE bigots if they so choose.
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