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Re: Superman II (The Donner Cut)

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I really should read up on the filming of these two movies. The whole things sounds like its own convoluted time paradox. I'm guessing that big chunks of the second movie were reshot?
IIRC, they had Lester arbitrarily reshoot 70% of the material, so that he'd get sole director credit.

Another interesting bit of trivia is that Hackman didn't come back for the reshooting, so any scenes with him clearly shown are Donner. When you know what to look for, there are some pretty obvious bits in the Lester version with body doubles (seen from behind in long shots) and voiceover work, to fill in a few brief gaps.

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First, it has the most iconic Superman moment ever placed on film: the newspapers furling away from the newsstand as the music swells and Superman arrives. "General, care to step outside?"
Agreed. The fact they got rid of that and (my personal favorite) the alley change just makes it a total dealbreaker in my book.

I have no doubt that Donner's real, finalized version of SII would have blown Lester's version completely out of the water if he had gotten to finish it..... but unfortunately all we have to judge by is the sloppy, patchwork "Donner Cut".
The exact two things that I miss the most in the Donner Cut. Plus, I'm incredulous that Superman has so little sense of touch that he couldn't even tell whether or not he'd been hit by a bullet. Not to mention those super-senses of his that should have literally been able to see it (not) coming.
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