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Re: What's your opinion of Gul Dukat?

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And re: his war crimes?

I'll bet that lawyer that got Baltar off could have gotten Dukat exonerated.
Baltar was tricked into giving the Cylons the access codes for the Twelve Colonies' computer defense systems, then failed to take responsibility for it; he then deliberately sabotaged a Cylon detector, and then submitted to and was complicit in Cylon war crimes during the occupation of New Caprica due to threats against his life from the occupiers. Afterwards, he abandoned the Colonials during the evacuation of New Caprica.

A terrible person, sure, but not exactly the same as someone who actively initiates and engages in war crimes.
(whispers: "We'll just forget about that whole giving an atomic warhead to a Six and her killing some 3,000 people")
Fair point! I did forget about that part.
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