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Re: Corporate Bad Guys

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I am at an absolute loss to imagine how anyone can be effective in pushing for corporate change without using a computer. Are you honestly saying that a customer doesn't have a right to demand change from a corporation?
Of course they should. [Apple pc's are hardly the only game in town] I just don't personally see people outside the Apple Stores

[at least in the US] demanding that Apple stop making ipadsd at Chinese factories that use sucide nets to stop employees from jumping because of the horrible working conditions.

Nor do I see protests in front of Apple stores because they sheild their huge earnings overseas from taxes.
.... so you're saying Occupy Wall Street should have been based outside an Apple store instead of Zuccotti Park?

They were protesting an entire corporate culture, not any one particular company. They weren't directly outside Goldman Sachs Tower, but that doesn't mean Goldman Sachs wasn't one of their targets of protest.

Did see however this last Presidential election huge outcries from often the same groups who thought Mitt Romney was a shameful and awful person for doing exactly the same thing
What exactly are you referring to? Which specific persons made which specific allegations? Which of those making such allegations indicated that they feel Apple Inc. is innocent?

And when did Apple Inc. run for president?


And for that matter, how is the relative prevalence of criticism against one particular company relevant to the overall question of whether or not corporations are institutionally immoral and therefore fair targets for fiction to depict as villainous? I mean, you might as well complain that a free speech advocate hasn't spent enough time protesting censorship in Russia: It's only tangentially related to the topic at hand.
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