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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

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Call me a Leftist Marxist but Art in some sense political and I don't find films from people I outright disagree with enjoyable (*cough* Michael Bay *cough*)
I think you're limiting yourself for no real reason. I can enjoy films from Russian communist filmmakers or even a Nazi director like Leni Reifenstahl. I can listen to Wagner, Burzum, etc.

I worry sometimes modern liberalism makes a virtue of being offended. I assure you that Ender's Game has nothing to do with homosexuality.
I am reminded of Fahrenheit 451. Books became illegal not because of an evil dictator but because they offended people. Part of living in a democracy means that we are all entitled to our opinions and are free to express them.

I remember when Noam Chomsky wrote a forward (afterward?) to a book by an author who claimed the holocaust did not happen. Chomsky's belief was that if this book was censored because of people's outrage than our society would be no better off than Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. Hitler and Stalin, he says, were in favor of free speech as long as they agreed with it.

Now Ender's Game really has nothing to do with Card's belief system, and the movie probably less so. The "boycott" will only draw attention to the film and serve as free advertising.

That said, anyone is free to purchase a ticket or not but I hope the boycott does not turn into something similar to the Westboro church's protests. To anyone planning to demonstrate outside theaters, I would urge you to hold your personal integrity and conduct high. Reducing yourself to shouting slurs and insults puts you on an even plane with those your are protesting against.
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