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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

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Or maybe people are genuinely offended by things and ideas they don't like.
They're offended by ideas that aren't even in the story of Ender's Game. My favourite science-fiction author is Robert A. Heinlein and plenty of liberals hate his novels for the politics they (often arguably!) advocate. That at least on some level makes sense to me, as they don't wanna be upset by the different ideas presented.
Well in Card's case it's a protest again the man's social/religious ideas, one he's publicly stated, rather than the ideas presented in his books. Has any one said Ender's Game is homophobic and that's why they are boycotting. Sounds like you've jumped to a conclusion here.

I've enjoyed both the Ender books and the Alvin books. They are among my favorites. I also like a lot of Heinlein's work, even the ones that wear their politics on their sleeves. More so in my twenties than now. Maturity might be a factor there. Also some of the idea are so farout you can't take them too seriously.

This strikes me as absurd though. Issues like homosexuality and abortion are such down-the-line issues that if you were to boycott films produced by those you disagreed with on these issues, you wouldn't watch any big Hollywood movies.
I don't know enough about various filmmaker's views on these issues to make an impact on my viewing habits. They have wisely kept them under wraps.
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