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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

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It's the Gates McFadden thing all over again, but they brought Crusher back after her missing season.
And how is it Ryan's fault that Lien was dropped? It's not as though she had a choice in who she would replace, and as Kes' character had a limited lifespan anyway, it's not as though she'd have been useful to the franchise for the entire series. Had she not fled after "Fury," it's likely she'd have died aboard Voyager before the series ended.

Dream wrote:
Mulgrew had no reason to complain. As captain, she always remained the lead character on the show.
Maybe. I'm reaching, but I wonder if part of her concern came about due to how Sisko's character evolved. Granted, he wasn't killed off, but his character was taken out of the mix until it was brought back in the DS9 novels. Did Mulgrew think Brooks' character arc would make Janeway expendable and therefore unavailable if the series were to progress to films? It's hard to know, but she clearly had reservations about her character's popularity being dwarfed by Ryan.

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