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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

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Good Post. I think there is valid reasons on both sides for the tensions. When Ryan was brought on board, they had fired Kes to do it, and many of the cast members liked Lein, and may have actually been friends with her. Maybe Mulgrew felt not only upset Lein was let go, but also that she could easily be next and some of that tension came out, unintentionally. I remember while Voyager was still in first run during seasons 4-7 seeing at other boards where people were actually wanting Janeway killed off. Maybe Mulgrew was fearful of that happening. I mean, they did kill her off at least twice, in a way.
It's the Gates McFadden thing all over again, but they brought Crusher back after her missing season. Jennifer Lien getting fired probably destroyed moral for the actors on the set though.

Also, from Mulgrew's perspective, here we have a young woman coming in all of a sudden getting top billing, and more screen time than other cast members than have been there from the beginning. We don't know how Ryan treated them, either, and you have to admit that as she started to date Braga, she "mysteriously" got more screen time.
Mulgrew had no reason to complain. As captain, she always remained the lead character on the show.
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