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Re: Was There Enough DETONATION?

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And yeah, where were the detonations? The very first official plot description promised the fleet would be detonated. Yet this didn't happen. WTF?
Not only was the fleet supposed to be detonated. The fleet and "all that it stands for" was supposed to be detonated. How that was supposed to happen and be adequately portrayed on screen is anybody's guess. It would have required a degree of artistry and existentialism that J.J. Abrams doesn't seem to have.

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If you really want to see London detonated, you may want to endure G.I. JOE 2.
Endure G.I. Joe 2? Is that endure, in the same way one endures Star Trek Into Darkness? Admittedly, STD is a bit better than G.I. Joe2, but not by much. Both movies are of the same ilk. They are both made for the same type of people. Sure STD has 87% on Rottentomatoes, while G.I. Joe has 28%. But when one looks closer, most of the positive reviews on RT for STD are only just barely. With many of the top critics giving 6/10 or 2.5 out of 4 stars. But since a mostly, kind of, positive review is counted as an overwhelmingly positive review, STD gets an overall of 87%.

I just don't see how STD can be enjoyed, but G.I. Joe has to be endured.
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