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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

Great review Christopher

Christopher wrote: View Post
"Everything is Broken" -- Spoilers ahead!

That episode title sums up how I feel about the episode. The past couple of weeks, I thought the show was finally becoming good, and this just blew it all to hell.

Just when I thought the revelation about the keys inside Irisa meant all that destiny/Chosen-One stuff was nonsense, it turns out to be the climax of the whole thing and makes her the destined savior/destroyer after all. Ugh. I am so sick of stories about destiny. I don't want to see stories about characters at the mercy of forces they can't control. Such characters have no agency. I want to see characters making choices that determine outcomes. I want choosing ones, not chosen ones.
TOTALLY AGREE. Thought we were going to get a straight tech explanation to blow away all the religious mumbo jumbo, but instead we get a load of the usual. And not a usual that rises above my dislike of that storyline either.
I really hate what they did with Stahma. I'd come to believe that Stahma was truly Datak's equal partner, the Lady Macbeth who saw him as her perfect tool for the ruthless pursuit of ambition, and I guess I believed it because I wanted to, because it was much more interesting and empowering than the alternative. Having her turn out to actually be a terrified, subordinate female at the mercy of her domineering husband, able to be bullied by him, is far more cliched, and it weakens her profoundly as a character. In fact, hell, I don't believe it. It doesn't fit what's been established about her character. She should've had a plan in place for any contingency. She should never have made the mistake of giving away that she'd been with Kenya, and she should've had a good explanation ready if he did find out. In particular, if she knew how dangerous Datak could be to her if she crossed him, then she should've had a plan already worked out well in advance, and been ready to stab him in the back before he saw what was coming. They've taken a great, Machiavellian character and stripped her of her intelligence and strength, and that ruins her, makes her boring.
Is it wrong that I want to believe she's still playing everyone?

Of course it doesn't work because she was genuinely terrified in the voting booth.

Maybe she was terrified because she knew it would be the death of Kenya?

I don't think Kenya will turn out dead.. and perhaps Stahma is really attached to her in some way and has just drugged her into unconsciousness and hidden her away somewhere safe?

That Stahma getting caught out all hinges on one sex act was pretty silly.

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