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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

^ No, you didn't miss any comments about them making alcohol. We're assuming, and for good reason. It's been what, 3, 4 years since the invasion? Where is all this alcohol coming from? Pope runs a bar! The Col. stopped by whiskey (which is not that easy to distill and doesn't come from potatoes, unlike vodka). It they are getting all of this booze from scavenging, then I'd think they would be running out before now. You have to think a lot got destroyed in the invasion. Your local mini-mart or state liquor store isn't going to have 3 or 4 years of booze stockpiled.

And, yes, where is the gasoline coming from? More scavenging? Gas goes bad if it sits too long.

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I am losing interest in the show. I loved the alien invasion story to begin with, but I lost interest when the baby storyline came along. There are other things as well, but I don't want to slip in any spoilers.
I'm actually shocked we've made it 3 years with a renewal for season 4. 10 episodes a season with such a long break in between, I'm really surprised we all remember the show is on come the next season.

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I'm also betting that the president and Cochise will turn up alive. Their unconfirmed deaths have been unconfirmed for too long.
My thoughts exactly. It's like we've completely forgotten about the other plane going down and his entire organization. Surely there was more to Hathaway's group than just what was on that one plane.

And we've not gotten a replacement for Cochise yet?

Either we've got a completely dropped story point or we'll see someone from that plane wreck again.

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The Charleston presidency means jack shit if there's a real president who has connected the entire rest of America together...
Yes, IF. The plane crash just puts us back where we started. If Hathaway's alive, he's still the real president. If he's not, there is no legitimate line of succession behind him so the Charelston Presidency is just as legitimate as anybody else's.
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The old America is dead.
Not if the pre-invasion president is still alive. Quote you:

The Charleston presidency means jack shit if there's a real president
This is where it's going to get real confusing. What makes the Charleston group any more "official" than some other band of Americans fighting on the West Coast? In all likelihood there are numerous Presidents of the "New" United States scattered about in San Diego, Seattle, Tulsa, etc... You get my point. Falling Skies is focused on this one group of survivors or insurgents. What gives this group of insurgents any more authority than another group that is off screen? They are all cut off from one another and isolated. There is no way for Charleston to know if they are the only group left in the United States or if there are other groups.

To assume they are the supreme authority of the "New" United States is either arrogant or exaggeration. The idea that someone can be President is just as much a joke. Who voted? When were elections held? How widespread was the voting? Does the "New" Untied States encompass all the territory of the "Old" United States? Were the citizens in these areas given a chance to vote?

We saw the President a few episodes ago. Apparently he survived the invasion and has been trying to fight back. Was he in touch with the rest of the Nation? Did all of those in the line of Presidential succession know Hathaway was still alive and in charge? Was there or is there another resistance group in Nevada or Minnesota being led by someone that is in the line of Presidential succession? What about the state governors? While they are not listed in the line of succession, they are in charge of their state. Further, I can see how, in such a widespread disaster, a governor would assume control and declare himself "President" of the United States. Heck, Alaska and Hawaii are probably completely untouched by this invasion.

No, this is all just one big mess. If or when the humans do survive and kick the alien invaders off the Earth, there is going to be a big mess to sort out. The old country boundaries definitely no longer mean anything. Being President, Prime Minister, King or Emperor doesn't mean anything either when your entire nation has been blasted back to the stone age. Do you really think Canada or Mexico has respected the border? If there was a strong organized government in either of those countries, don't you think they would cross over into the United States in search of food, fuel or supplies? I'm sure they would assume control of any pockets of humanity they could easily reach. Heck, the scant survivors hiding in Brownville, TX would welcome their new Mexican governors and leaders if it meant food, fuel, medical care and organized resistance to the invaders.

In such a devastating and destructive invasion that we've seen depicted, all the old borders will become meaningless. Heck, even the state borders won't mean anything. Do you really think all those survivors living in Michigan's Upper Peninsula would look to anyone in Lansing for direction and support? The Mackinac bridge is probably gone and anyone in the UP would have to look to Wisc. for any hope of civilization and support.
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