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Re: Which Topic Should Have Been Explored Further

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Kasidy Working/Smuggling for the Maquis
It was an interesting story, one they could have built up for an episode or two prior to the reveal--to help show a little bit more conflict for Kasidy in what she is doing.

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Alexander as a Klingon Warrior
With Worf and then Martok about there was more than enough Klingon honour and warriors. It would have been nice to see Alexander again, but have him fallen from grace, so he is now just a civilian and has to find his true path in life.

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Undercover Changelings in the Alpha Quadrant
Once the war started there really wasn't any need for sneaking around, the Dominion was cocky enough to think it could win swiftly. I do admit the idea of Changelings being anyone was pretty cool, especially when Bashir was revealed to be one.

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Exploration of the Gamma Quadrant
They had their moments of exploration, but as a station people came to them. It would have been nice to see more GQ races coming to the station, especially with the Dominion being such a huge presence.

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Benny Russell visions
Interesting in small doses, any more than what we got and it would have become very tired very quickly (it'd be the kind of dead horse VOY would beat until there was nothing left, but of course the focus would be on Seven).

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The Orbs
I've always wondered what all the Orbs were, there are nine of them and we only ever learned of at most 5/6. I actually liked the religious element of DS9, adding a spiritual side to Trek and showing just how dangerous it could be when taken to extremes.

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The Maquis
The Maquis was all but wiped out by the Dominion, but there would have been a few rogue elements left, which could have been fun to play with. I do think DS9 used the Maquis better in their few episodes than VOY did in its entire series.

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The Vorta
I got the impression that the Vorta's worship of the Founders was bred into them during the cloning process, it'd be one definite way of ensuring their obedience. They were a interesting race that got some good development, though I suspect that without Weyoun that might never have happened.

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Terok Nor backstory
This is the one I voted for. I love the backstory of the station and the Occupation, seeing just what the Cardassians are really like and what the Bajorans had to do in order to survive. It was also good to see familiar characters in a different time of their lives and how they went about their lives before S1.
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