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Re: Federation Versus The Romulan Empire

Odo explicitly states that both the Klingons and Romulans are "in no shape to wage war against anyone" in the series finale.
Ah, so he does. Then again, what should he know? True, he seems to fit the profile of Strategic Operations Officer, DS9, better than Worf, but that isn't saying much. He's just a dilettante in such matters, especially compared to somebody so closely connected to Starfleet as Sloan turns out to be.

The events of "Inter Arma Silent Leges" suggest that several members of the Romulan Senate had been in place for several years, which argues against the idea that government coup was commonplace.
But the episode also deals with a top level assassination as a matter of dull routine to the Romulans involved...

If Starfleet features several older ship designs, wouldn't that make those ships survivable?
No, because the Dominion War is their only relevant combat test. They don't survive it, but modern ships do -> modern ships are more survivable -> Romulans win because they only send their modern ships.

Why would Romulan-Vulcan reunification serve the interests of the Romulan Senate?
In "Unification", it provided a perfect excuse and perfect means for rounding up and eliminating forces of dissent. A popular movement that gathers various dissenters and is quite obviously treasonous is a godsend to a government wanting to control its masses, because everybody partaking can be freely executed without any destabilizing effect - the rest of the masses will cheer.

I agree with this. As Riker pointed out in Nemesis, the Praetor's power has always been supported by the Romulan fleet, suggesting that the military holds the real power in the Romulan goverment, not the politicians.
And in fact, when Shinzon sat in that hall, it was already a case of the military establishing its latest puppet - at least from the point of view of the military!

Shinzon's later histrionics indicated he saw it differently, but whether any of the Romulans had any reason to actually fear his threats, we don't know. Heck, for all we know, Shinzon was their puppet to such a degree that there was a backdoor to the weapons controls of the Scimitar (but with range limitations, so stopping him from killing Earth was more complicated than stopping him from killing Romulus)!

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